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Ref: 100a NM

Pen and ink drawing sepia tinted
Woman kneeling clutching post
12 x 14 cms

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   Drawing fragment

Ref: 73 MTS

Dry point
Fragment of drawing
Lake with rocks
52 x 32 cms

From Kim Sloane, Curator of British Drawings before 1880, British Museum

It is not a bad drawing, just in terrible condition and I doubt it could be restored to anything much better. It looks ...
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   Francesco Podesti

Ref: 96 NM

Drawing of a seated man in biblical robes
20 x 28 cms
Watermark: Fabriano 1821

Podesti, Francesco
(b Ancona, 21 March 1800; d Rome, 10 Feb 1895). Italian painter. In 1815, under the protection of Marchese Carlo Bourbon del Monte, he went to Rome ...
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   Sir David Young Cameron

Ref: D20 AS

Perth Bridge
Dry point etching
Cameron, Sir D(avid) Y(oung)ARE, RE, ROI, ARSA, ARWS, RSW, RWS, ARA, RA, HRSW
(b Glasgow, 28 June 1865;
d Perth, 16 Sept 1945). Scottish painter and etcher.
He trained at the Glasgow and Edinburgh Schools of Art in the ...
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   Susan Crawford

Ref: D4 MC

Greenock Harbour


Of local interest in Glasgow. Well known as an Etcher.

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   Howard F Collinson

Ref: 217 MA

View of Nottingham Castle and the Old Trip to Jerusalem Inn
Late 19th century
18 x 13 cms
Signed to the margin
Harold F. Collinson was for many years on the teaching staff of the Nottingham College of Art. he left Nottingham in 1940 to ...
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   Thomas Trythall Rowe

Ref: 218 MA

Old Nottingham, Hounds Gate
9.5 x 18 cms
Signed to the margin

Thomas ('Tom') Trythall Rowe
Nationality: English
Date of Birth: 1856
Date of Death: after 1915

English born landscape painter.
Rowe was active between 1882 and 1899, during which time he exhibited in London at the ...
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   Thomas Trythall Rowe

Ref : 219 MA

Old Nottingham, Bridlesmith Gate
13 x 19 cms
Signed to the margin

Thomas Trythall Rowe, 1856-after 1915
Nationality: English
Date of Birth: 1856
Date of Death: after 1915

Thomas ('Tom') Trythall Rowe was an English born landscape painter.
Rowe was active between 1882 and 1899, during which time he ...
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   Thomas Trythall Rowe

Ref : 221 MA

Old Nottingham, Parliament Street
19 x 12 cms
Signed to the margin

Thomas Trythall Rowe, 1856-after 1915
Nationality: English
Date of Birth: 1856
Date of Death: after 1915

Thomas ('Tom') Trythall Rowe was an English born landscape painter.
Rowe was active between 1882 and 1899, during which time he ...
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   Thomas Trythall Rowe

Ref: 220 MA

Old Nottingham, Trent Bridge Inn

Thomas Trythall Rowe, 1856-after 1915
Nationality: English
Date of Birth: 1856
Date of Death: after 1915

Thomas ('Tom') Trythall Rowe was an English born landscape painter.
Rowe was active between 1882 and 1899, during which time he exhibited in London at the ...
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   Franco Matania

Ref:18 MTT

Portrait of the head of a fawn
Pastel - charcoal and white chalk
Franco Matania
1922 - 2006

Of Italian origin. Pupil of his uncle, the distinguished artist and illustrator, Fortunino Matania RI 1881-1963. Artist in all media, though mainly in Conté and Pastel.

Early career ...
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   Paul Berthon

Ref:L2 NUI

Paul Berthon (French, 1872-1909)

"Sa Tres Gracieuse Majeste La Reine Wilhelmine" (Her Very Gracious Majesty Queen Wilhelmina). Lithograph in colors, ca. 1901, signed in the stone at the upper left "Paul Berthon", the image size apprx. 15-1/4" x 14-1/8", the paper ...
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   English School

Ref: 103a NM

Drawing with colour
Hunter and cage
English School 1830
10.5 x 14.5 cms

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Ref: 105 NM

Pen and ink drawing of hand to hand fighting
19 x 22 cms
French early 19th century

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Ref: 110 NM

Dry point
Tree trunk with foliage
13 x 20 cms

18th century English  ex estate Lady Hamilton
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   George Frost

Ref:111 NM

Drawing on blue paper
English School 18th century
ex collection Reittinger
Very near to J Gainsborough but Hugh Belsey of Gainsborough's House thought it should be attributed to George Frost

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Ref:113 NM

Sepia tinted drawing
Passage between two stone walls with a narrow channel below and large tree growing from wall
28 x 22 cms

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   Bernard Casson

Ref: 115 NM

Pen and ink drawing of lady
Bernard Casson painter who exhibited 1925 -1940
Living in Leicestershire
Exhibitions B1  G5  NEA 8
43 x 29 cms

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Ref: 118 NM

Drawing on blue paper
Two oxen with yokes
39 x 28 cms

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Ref: 12 NM

18th century pen and ink sketch of East Anglia cottage
18 x 11 cms

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   James Duffield Harding

Ref 120 ST

Gateway in landscape. Highlighted in white
Watercolour painter.

Harding, J(ames) D(uffield)
(b Deptford, London, 1798;
d London, 4 Dec 1863). English painter, engraver
and writer. He received his first lessons in painting from his father, J. Harding
(d 1846), who was a pupil of Paul Sandby ...
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   John Sell Cotman

Ref: 121 AU

Charcoal Drawing
18 x 22 cms framed 37 x 41 cms
Stonebridge with two figures and sailing boat. Ref. British Museum (Lady Lindsey Stainton-Campbell) 1990. Cotman confirmed
Cotman, John Sell
(b Norwich, 16 May 1782;
d London, 24 July 1842). English painter and etcher.
Cotman was ...
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   Attrib.Jacopo Chimenti

Ref: 122 IRI

Jacopo Chimenti, called Jacopo da Empoli (Italian 1551-1640)

Attributed, "Study for a fresco", red ink wash on paper, double matted and framed, image size
apprx 9-1/2" x 11-1/2", overall apprx size
17" x 19-1/4".

Compare with Christel Thiem. Florentiner Zeichner des Fruhbarock, ...
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   David Cox

Ref:124 ATT

Sketches in pen and bistre
Country lane
Signed David Cox
5.5 x 6.5 cms
2 1/4 x 2 1/2 ins

Born in Birmingham in 1783, Cox was the son of a blacksmith. He began his artistic career as a scene painter at the Birmingham ...
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   David Cox

Ref: 125 PC

Shore landscape
British 1783 - 1859
6 x 8.5 cms
2 1/2 x 3 3/4 ins
Inscribed on reverse. David Cox Exhibition 1890
Date of pen and ink sketch " Friday March 9 1877"

Born in Birmingham in 1783, Cox was the son of a ...
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   John Sell Cotman

Ref: 126 NTT

Drawing of mountain scene with house in fore-ground. On reverse, details and instructions for painting a picture of Conway Castle. Detail of figures and horses in fore-ground.
23x14 cm

See letter from Robin Fredericke in manual file: This drawing was left ...
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   G Wedepohl

Ref: 127 MC


b 1893 in Schloss Schönebeck near Bremen
1909 Kunstgewerbeschule Bremen, studying Interial Design (Innenarchitektur)
1910 Kunst- und Versuchsanstalt Stuttgart
1911-1914 Training as a Graphic Artist in the Kunstakademie Stuttgart: Etching and Pen and Ink Drawing
During World War I: Landsturm, Deutsches Heer
1918/19 taking up ...
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   George Vicat Cole

Ref:128 MAT

Pencil Sketches, some on blue paper, of shipping, made while painting the picture "The Pool of London". Signed and inscribed. Dated sketches 1866 1889
The picture was painted in 1900 and is now in the Tate gallery. Purchased by the Chantrey Bequest ...
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Ref: 13 NM

Black and white chalk sketch landscape with shepherd in foreground
Blue paper
24 x 15 cms

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Ref: 131 MTTT

Folio of 26 drawings
This is a series of drawings made during a voyage from Bordeaux to Brazil by the artist

Gellochi. They were addressed to his wife and were sent on a regular basis. The artist

is Italian as some ...
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   Anthony Johnson

Ref: 15 NM

Fresco for Dulwich church entitled Spring Anthony Johnson
Pen and ink on blue paper 17.5 x 22.5 cms
Signed on verso
St. Barnabas, which became Dulwich's church, was not built until 1894 and its tower was added just over 10 years later.
The building ...
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Ref: 16 NM

Black and white ink wash
Landscape with trees in foreground
13 x 14 cms

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   Race horse

Ref: 19 NM

Pencil sketch
Head of race 'horse nº10 at Pourville' (Normandy)
29 x 30 cms

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   Attrib. Charles Keene

Ref: 20 NM

Style of Charles Keene
Dry point sketch of characterized lady  wearing hat and cloak
18 x 11 cms

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   Thomas Barker

Ref: 203 NM

Country lane with stile and two figures,church in distance on the hill

Verso: lake scene with a sailing boat
34 x 23 cms
English school 18th century

Thomas Barker [of Bath]
(b Pontypool, May 1769;
d Bath, 11 Dec 1847). Painter and lithographer. He ...
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   Nancy Brockman

Ref: 21 NM

Nancy Brockman c 1910 - 1980
Two figure studies: Sole of feet (coloured)
Side ways study of woman seated in robe, specifically right arm and upper torso
Signed and dated
15 x 33 cms

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   Apple tree

Ref: 23 NM

Dry point
Apple tree
16 x 21 cms

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   Dutch 17th century

Ref; 25a NM

Dry point
Dutch 17th century
Water mill
Another pencil sketch verso nº 2441
17.5 x 14.5 cms

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   William Marlow

Ref: 26 NM

Figure sketch in black and white wash
Study for painting
13 x 8 cms

b London, 1740;
d Twickenham, nr London, Jan 1813). English painter. From
c. 1756 to 1761 he was a pupil of Samuel Scott, the topographical and marine painter; he also ...
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   Cornelius Varley

Ref: 27 NM

Cornelius Varley
Drawing - pencil fixed with gum arabic
Rustic landscape with work bench
Ex collection Alistair Mathews
English watermark ' HALL & TA..' 1804 139-1=61
19 x 13.5 cms

b London, 21 Nov 1781;
d London, 21 Oct 1873). Painter, draughtsman and printmaker, brother of (1) ...
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Ref: 28 NM

Sepia tint drawing
Walled garden scene.Centre brick arch around doorway. Two figures
15 x 20 cms

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   Sir William Boxall

Ref: 34 NM

Pencil sketch on blue paper by Sir William Boxall RA, FRS 1800 - 1879
19 x 26 cms
Seated lady in a long dress

(b Oxford, 29 June 1800;
d London, 6 Dec 1879). English painter and museum director. The son of an Oxford ...
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   Attrib.Sir Thomas Lawrence

Ref: 35 NM

Drawing pencil and red chalk
Left hand and wrist
Attrib. Sir Thomas Lawrence
22 x 32 cms

(b Bristol, 13 April 1769; d London, 7 Jan 1830). English painter and collector. He was the finest portrait painter of his generation in Europe and the last ...
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   Sir Compton Mackenzie

Ref: 374 SIR

Red chalk drawing of Sir Compton Mackenzie. Thought to be by Augustus John

Provenance: D'Offy Cooper, Paris
Auction House stencil DD73.
35 x 26 cms

In a letter from Robin Fredericke he states that both Sir Compton Mackenzie and Augustus John ...
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   Figure studies

Ref: 39 NM

Pencil sketch of two men lifting a trunk. A woman with a dog stands by
8 x 9 cms

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Ref: 47 NM

Landscape drawing
Black and white pencil sketch
Watermark M.B.M
26.5 x 22 cms

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Ref:52 NM

Pencil sketch of head of a donkey
11 x 13 cms

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   Figure study

Ref: 6 NM

Drawing, pencil on prepared paper
Head and shoulder of young man
English school c 1860
12 x 18.5 cms

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   Guy Semour Malet

Ref: 69 NM

Red chalk drawing of negro girl
Guy Seymour Malet 1900-1973
Printmaker and Watercolourist
Pupil of Ian Macnab, London School of Art and Regent St Poly
36 x 28 cms

Guy Seymour Warre Malet b.1900
Painter and wood engraver. Studied Regent St Poly and Grosvenor Scchool of Art
Royal ...
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Ref: c8

Wax crayon on paper. Study of  female. 38 x 31 cm.  Signed.

The drawings comes from the family of Modigliani, full history available
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   Frank Brangwyn

Ref: 028

In the manner of Frank Brangwyn
Pencil and black chalk
36 x 24 cms framed
Three muses sheltering from the wind under a tree
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